How do I retrieve my files?

Once you are logged in click "Account" on the top right of the page. "My Downloadable files" will be on the top of the page. You will find all designs previously purchased here for download. 

How do I change the email associated with my account?

Contact me and I will change the email associated with your account in the system. DO NOT create a new account to log in as I am unable to merge accounts. 

Are there tutorials for these projects?

There are many available tutorials for the various ITH designs. Most ITH projects include an illustrated step by step tutorial in the files. You can also find many video tutorials saved in our Facebook Group and on our YouTube channel.

Can I sell items I make with these designs?

Absolutely. Feel free to sell any PHYSICAL items made with designs purchased on the site. 

What's included in my download?

Your download will include a zip folder with 8 stitch files in the following formats (PES, DST, JEF, HUS, EXP, VP3 & VIP), and a stitch map. Certain designs include an illustrated tutorial. ITH bags will also include a supply list with cutting directions for each size. Older designs (released prior to 2021) may not include the stitch map, please contact me if you need this and I will send it to you. If you find anything missing from your zip folder, contact me and I will make it right. 

I purchased the same design more than once, what do I do?

If you have found that you have purchased a design you already bought please reach out to me and we can exchange that for another design of equal value. 

How does the Duplicate Warning work?

In order for the duplicate warning system to work, you need to be logged into your account BEFORE adding the item to your cart. The warning will only show on the product page and is not visible from your wishlist. On items with multiple size options like bags and notebook covers, it will flag you to show that you have previously purchased a variation but it will NOT show which sizes you have previously purchased. 

What happens if I "run out of downloads"?

The system is set up for a maximum of 10 downloads as the default as to protect against file sharing. However, it's not uncommon for all downloads to be "used up" especially if you're experiencing network issues (e.g. a spotty wifi connection) while you are attempting to download. If this occurs, contact me and I will reset them for you. 

Do you test your designs?

Yes. I have a fabulous team of testers who ensure that every single design on the site has been tested before being added to the site. Nothing goes on the site without being adequately tested for quality. 

Do you do custom digitizing?

At this time, I do not offer custom digitizing services. 

How can I get help with my account?

You can use the contact form on the bottom right of this page. This will go directly to my email. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. 

How can I get help with a design right now?

We have am amazing Facebook group with wonderful and helpful members, many of who can help with stitching issues and design questions. You can often get help most quickly in the group for design related questions.